tiwia’s Vision

tiwia is dedicated to creating beautiful clothing that strikes the balance between grit and grace and evokes the essence of a woman who is in true harmony with herself, as she chooses to define it.

About tiwia  

A note from tiwia's founder Tiffany Cook & the tiwia Team

From it’s inception, tiwia’s foundation has been about quality apparel with an underlying message of empowerment and freedom; made by folks as close to home as possible.  We endeavor to produce as much of what we design right here in the United States. tiwia’s infrastructure is almost entirely based in New England.  We strive to use eco-friendly resources as much as possible without compromising quality. tiwia aims to be the go-to pieces in your closet for everyday luxury and stylish comfort. 

tiwia creates from the heart and soul. Our design is driven by the flow of life & the passion of creativity; and we follow where that leads in bringing our product to market.  Each piece of clothing writes its own story of coming to life, and every twist and turn of that story matters to us.

From Tiffany

"If you asked me two years ago what tiwia is all about, I would have said stylish activewear. The kind of clothing you can wear from play to the-rest-of-the-day, allowing a woman to go from tennis or yoga to the grocery store, all the while looking good. 

But what tiwia has become goes beyond any appearances. tiwia has an energy all its own. I created the brand but truthfully, I am merely a channel for tiwia to flow. It has a life force that is determined to be seen, to be heard. Over the past few years, there have been moments of such despair that I wanted to give up, but tiwia wouldn’t let that happen.  There were times of extreme frustration, but always there were more moments of joy and excitement as I stayed true to a sense of deep inner knowing.

tiwia is about not giving up; believing in yourself even in your darkest moments and honoring your inner voice. It’s about learning to weather the storms of your life by yielding, rather than pushing against it.  It’s accepting that some days give you nothing but challenges and it seems there is no hope, but still trusting that it’s all part of life's unfolding. We are in a constant state of creating and re-creating ourselves. 
tiwia is about living life. It’s about being real. It’s about owning your grit and cultivating your grace.  What I know for sure is that tiwia is about constantly pushing yourself out of the comfort zone, living on the edge, rattling your own cage.  Growth can be very uncomfortable, but when you dive in - that’s where the heart and guts of life await you. THIS IS WHERE I’M AT is a way of being."  

~ Tiffany

Design Matters

Heather Rhodes, Lead Creative

“This Is Where I’m At with Heather: I couldn’t have pulled this project off without her.  And tiwia would not have become the brand it is either. Heather has been my right-hand woman on this crazy ride for nearly five years.  We’ve gone through good times and bad.  Some, really bad. But she has stuck by me through it all.  Heather’s creativity is deep and true.  She follows her intuitive nature with trust and honor. But it’s her dedication and commitment that put her in a class all her own.  Her attention to detail, from tiwia’s beautiful art to the website design, is an art form in itself.  She embodies a level of integrity that I am grateful for every day.  Heather has become not only tiwia’s lead creative but also my very good friend.” ~ Tiffany    


Thanks for Joining Us on This Wild Ride of Authentic Living!

~ Tiffany Cook & the tiwia Team