Tiffany Cook, Founder

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I’ve never been a fan of talking about myself so this “About the Founder” page has been a challenge.  So, rather than write about Tiffany in the third person, I asked a few friends what they would want to know and here’s how it flowed:

Who are you?
What’s your story?
How did you grow up?

I’m the daughter of a Navy father and German immigrant mother.  I grew up lower-middle class in the gritty Connecticut City of Groton. My dad took off when I was 11 and never came back so my tough-loving mother raised me (and my late but forever awesome younger brother). We lived in low- income housing but to this day, I can say those were some of the best years of my life.  It was true community and everybody kept it real.  It’s what made me who I am today.  I’ll never forget my roots. My mom is almost 90 and still rules with a loving iron fist.  I have the best friends a girl could ever ask for. I have a family tree that has a ridiculous number of branches. I’m a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda girl. I’ve had plenty of accomplishments and made plenty of mistakes in my life so far and I thank God for all of it. I’ve experienced some awesome highs and some humbling lows. I’m tenacious and determined. I’m loyal. The older I get, the more I understand what a gift life truly is.  I will be 50 years old on Sept. 11. I have two really cool teenage kids. I prefer swimming in the salty ocean over a pool. I’m an obsessive flosser. That’s enough for this page.

What drove you to create this brand?
What is your inspiration?

This is going to sound off the hook crazy but back in 2013, I had a dream I was going to start a clothing brand.  I literally had the dream. And when I woke up, I told my then husband and good friend Brandy (she was staying with us at the time) about it. I said these exact words:  I’m going to start a clothing line. Their response: Good luck with that. In the dream, the brand was called Crazy Ace. That dream sank into my bones. That was it. I’ve been on this roller coaster ever since, baby step by baby step. I’m inspired by the never-ending learning process. So many details. So many facets. I started this project not knowing a thing about the apparel industry.  Much of it I learned the hard way but again, I thank God for all of it because it made tiwia what it is today.  I’m inspired by people, all of nature, authentic connection, life…everything, really. 

What are my hobbies/interests?
What am I passionate about?

I practice yoga every day. It’s like the morning cup of coffee to me, it’s just necessary. I enjoy being physically active.  I love spending time with friends and laughing. I appreciate a really good dry Italian red. Chianti to be precise. Paired with a nutty cheese and crusty bread. I’m passionate about business. But more so, I’m passionate about human rights, raising good solid kids, and giving back. We’re all in this together.  

What is your vision or hope for tiwia?

To make woman feel absolutely comfortable in their own skin. We have so many pieces to our puzzle, it’s incredible. I want woman to embrace their beautiful badass selves but also allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to see and honor it in others. How powerful we would be if we held ourselves to a standard that supported all womankind, regardless of our stories. To me, that’s freedom. Never underestimate the strength of a woman. This Is Where I’m At….my vision is that it’s not only a lifestyle brand but a genuine way of being.